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Greens and vegetables should be loved. First, it is the most diverse type of product. From tender spinach, tangy tarragon and deep, bitter chicory to crunchy peppers, soft, sweet tomato, tender zucchini and very different pumpkins. Secondly, it is the best food for gut health. The introduction of different vegetables and leaves (fresh, processed) into the menu in a matter of days improves intestinal motility without interfering with the natural course of metabolism. A very important point in the preparation of the daily diet! It’s great to start planning each meal from vegetables. First, think about what vegetables and in what form they will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then what can be added to them.

Important fiber

There are two main types of fibers: soluble (pectin, slime) and insoluble (cellulose, hemicellulose). To simplify a lot, here’s what happens. Soluble ones “nourish”, lubricate and improve patency in the digestive tract, insoluble ones work like a panicle, removing food debris and other by-products of digestion from the intestinal walls (what is popularly called pseudo-terms “slags” and accumulated toxins).

Soluble – in pumpkin, zucchini, dried fruits, apples, plums, grapefruit, berries. Insoluble – in leafy greens, vegetables (pepper, cucumber, tomato), whole grains, flax.

How to make the perfect salad

The basic ideal salad has only a few laws. Should be:

  • something green (any leaves! there are dozens of them, try different ones each time)
  • something crunchy (cucumber, pepper, carrot)
  • something with a pronounced sweetish or sour taste (tomatoes, pears, grapefruit, avocados)
  • something aromatic (unrefined oil, delicious vinegar, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, blue cheese or aged cheese, aromatic herbs like mint, tarragon, cilantro)
  • something protein (meat / fish / eggs optional, we also choose from boiled broccoli, baked eggplant, almonds, beans, lentils, peas)

Salad of chicory, radish, avocado, green pepper with truffle oil

1/2 head chicory or other bitter lettuce

1 green bell pepper

1 avocado

3-4 sprigs of fresh mint

1 medium radish (I choose pink, but in season you can replace it with a radish)

salt and freshly ground black pepper

olive oil

truffle oil

red wine vinegar

Finely chop the lettuce, pepper, radish and avocado into cubes. Season with two types of oil, vinegar, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

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