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Increasing the concentration of nutrients in a dish like a smoothie bowl is easy. The main thing is to choose 1) high-quality 2) a variety of ingredients and 3) champions among their compositions.

Let me remind you that the perfect morning bowl breakfast consists of several blocks:

  • In order to make smoothies  more creamy  – psyllium (psyllium seed powder is an ideal thickener), gaur gam (guar gum or locust bean gum, despite the fact that they are food additives, they have a plant base and very good absorption properties, to also ideal for thickening), avocado, nut butter, coconut oil/milk/fresh coconut, chia or crushed flaxseeds.
  • Add  protein  – hemp seed or pea protein, collagen peptides, chia or flax, soy yogurt, tofu, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hemp kernels, spinach.
  • Add  energy  – guarana powder, maca powder, cocoa beans, pollen, cinnamon, flax, coconut chips or coconut flakes.
  • Turn  on metabolism  – acerola powder, chili, ginger, sesame.
  • A little extra  sweetness  – honey, coconut sugar, stevia and erythritol from substitutes (not recommended, but these are the safest), fresh date, banana.

In total, by adding a berry-fruit base and 1-2 additives from each block, we get a full-fledged, functional and nutritious bowl. For example, a great start to the morning before sports:

Black berries + guarana

1 cup blackberries or any black berries

1 white peach (or tangerine/orange in cold season)

1 tsp guarana (maca powder, add rhodiola rosea – optional, herbal adaptogens)

1 full tablespoon unflavored collagen peptides or vegan protein

1 tsp psyllium

1 tsp flax

1 tsp acerola powder (optional)

a piece of 1-2 cm coconut (you can use pumpkin seeds)

Beat in a blender, top with coconut flakes, cocoa beans, pine nuts and fresh berries according to the season (lingonberries, strawberries, strawberries or sliced ​​​​grapefruit)


Smoothies for Super Energy

200-300 g strawberries

1 banana

1 small green apple, kiwi or plum

maca powder 1 tsp

1-2 tbsp hemp protein (or tahini)

1 tsp acerola

1 tsp guarana

50-100 g coconut yogurt

cocoa beans

nuts, chia, hemp seeds optional

Plum or apple cut into a plate. Leave whole nuts and cocoa beans. Blend all other ingredients in a blender. Pour over fruit, sprinkle with nuts.

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