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This easy curry dish requires no equipment other than a pan and a saucepan. We make our dishes as simple as possible, so it is easy to make dinner with good ingredients that satisfy well. Quick Curry takes under half an hour to make. In the video at the bottom of the post, you come home to Hanne’s kitchen, where she shows you how to make the Quick Curry dish – and gives good advice on how to best get started using chickpeas.

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What you need:

500 g minced beef, 10%
1 tbsp. oil
150 g onions, in both
200 g snack peppers
1 can chickpeas
1 tbsp. red curry paste
2 dl beef broth
125 g sugar snaps (peas with pods)
salt and pepper

Here’s how you do it:

  • Brown the beef in the oil
  • Brown the onions at the end
  • Add snack peppers, chickpeas, curry paste, beef broth, salt and pepper
  • Boil the curry dish through and taste if necessary. to with a little extra curry paste
  • Add sugarsnaps and heat it all through

The dish contains 475 g of green.

Change if necessary. the vegetables out with leftovers from your vegetable drawer.

Serving suggestions:
If you feel like serving a crispy salad, we can recommend a bowl with finely chopped scallion and diced pineapple (fresh or canned) – or a raw food with the vegetables you have in the fridge.
The curry dish is also delicious in or with a pita bread.

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